Welcome to a warm and caring community

who we are:   We celebrate God’s love for all and welcome everyone to embrace God’s challenge to be faithful followers of Jesus Christ.

where we are going:   Led by the Spirit, we are building a joyful, vibrant church through:

     …worship that connects God’s Word to our lives

     …outreach that embraces the wider community

     …service that helps those in need locally and


     …education that expands our faith.


*9:30 am   Worship                                      

9:30 am   Middle School SS

9:30 am   Adult SS Class

9:45 am  Sunday School(Pre-K –5) 

10:30 am   Refreshment Fellowship Hall    

**11:00 am    Worship                                     

6:45 pm  High School Youth Grp. 

29th Sunday in Ordinary Time,

October 22, 2017

On Sunday, October 22, we will hear an update report from the Pastor Nominating Committee in worship.  Also, Rev. Tom will focus on the New Testament text from Matthew 22:15-22, in which Jesus is asked a trick question by the Pharisees about whether as a good Jew one should pay taxes to an oppressive Gentile government or not. He responds with the quixotic answer: "Give to Caesar the things that are Caesar's, and to God the things that are God's."  Come ready to ponder this question as we continue to contemplate this age-old quandary together.

CALENDAR WEEK OF October 22, 2017

(PCIS events only, outside events are listed on master calendar)

Sunday, October 22

9:30 am   Worship                              9:30 am   Middle School SS

10:30 am   Fellowship Time               9:30 am   Adult SS Class

11:00 am    Worship                            9:45 am  Sunday School(Pre-K –5) 

 1:00 pm   Worship at Wingate         1:30 pm  High School Youth Crap Walk

Monday, October 23

  7:00 pm  Artists Group

  7:00 pm  PNC Meeting

Wednesday, October 25

  9:30 am  Wednesday Women's Bible Study

  7:30 pm  Praise Team Rehearsal

Thursday, October 26

  7:30 pm  Chancel Choir Rehearsal

Friday, October 27

  7:30 pm  PCIS Book Club

Sunday, October 29 - Reformation Sunday

 9:30 am   Worship                              9:30 am   Middle School SS

10:30 am   Fellowship Time               9:30 am   Adult SS Class

11:00 am    Worship                            9:45 am  Sunday School(Pre-K –5) 

                                                            6:45 pm  High School Youth Group


   Contact email: pcsudbury@pcsudbury.org,

phone: 978-443-9151 x10. 

Worship at the Presbyterian Church in Sudbury is centered on God’s word, and with music and prayer and preaching, we celebrate both God’s love for and challenges to us as we seek to be faithful followers of Jesus Christ and his teachings.  As with many churches, our members come from different religious backgrounds and have a variety of music and worship styles and preferences.  During the school year, we have two different styles of worship on Sunday mornings. 

The following summarizes the distinctions between our two Sunday morning services.

*9:30AM – The music in this service is led by a praise band of members, usually more contemporary in style, with the words projected onto a screen in the front of the sanctuary.  There is also a time with children early during this service, after which the children attend church school. 

**11:00AM – The order of this service is familiar to those raised presbyterian.  The music in this service is led by a choir, which normally sings an anthem during the service.  Hymns, rather than praise music, are chosen from the new presbyterian hymnal, and may include both traditional and more modern hymn settings. 

***Summer 10:00AM - This service is similar to the 11:00AM service except the choir does not sing.  Music and hymns are led by the Director of Music.

In all worship services, we hear a sermon, based on a scripture text and preached to build faith and equip us to serve God.  We normally also include a prayer time when worshipers have the opportunity to share joys and concerns, and an offering to support the missions and programs of the church is received.  On the first Sunday of each month, we observe the sacrament of the Lord’s Supper (Communion.)