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330 Concord Road
Sudbury, MA 01776


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about us

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growing in faith

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serving others


Welcome to the Presbyterian Church in Sudbury

The Presbyterian Church in Sudbury is a faith community seeking to direct our lives UPWARD to God, while moving OUTWARD in service, while journeying ONWARD as disciples of Jesus.
We invite you to join us for worship on Sunday mornings. 

April 20, 2014

9:30am — Contemporary Worship and Christian Education

11:00am — Traditional Worship

Dr. McIvor’s sermon is “Come, See, Go, Tell” based on Matthew 28.1-10. As Matthew tells it, two Marys went to Jesus’ tomb early Sunday morning. They saw an angel who told them the amazing news that Jesus was raised from the dead. Then the angel told them to do four things: come, see, go, tell. Followers of Jesus have been doing that ever since that first Easter morning. 

Holy Week in the Year of Our Lord 2014

For a downloadable PDF of this week's services, click on the image above.

For a downloadable PDF of this week's services, click on the image above.

You are invited to join us for services daily this week.

On Palm Sunday we begin the most holy week in the Christian year. As in years past, there will be services each evening or day of Holy Week. Beginning Monday, April 14th, the evening services start at 7:30pm. The Maundy Thursday service is preceded by a soup supper at 6:15pm. The Good Friday service on April 18th is at noon at the Wayside Inn’s Martha Mary Chapel as we join with other congregations from Sudbury to remember Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross. Dr. McIvor’s sermons throughout the week are based on texts from Matthew 26. They focus on five key moments in Jesus’ final days: “Anointing,” “Supper,” “Denial,” “Prayer,” and “Betrayal.”

On Saturday night we observe the Great Vigil of Easter beginning at 9:00pm. Once again we hear scripture’s story of salvation, renew our baptismal vows, and come to the Lord’s Table. On Easter Sunday, April 20th, we gather to welcome the glad news that “Christ Is Risen.” The Easter sermon is “Come, See, Go, Tell.” What else can faithful Christians do in the joy of the resurrection?

Holy Week is unlike any other week. Come as often as you are able and you will be blessed.

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