What a wonderful celebration!

On the weekend of October 14-16, 2011, PCIS celebrated its 50th Anniversary with special events throughout the weekend. 

Photos are posted for your enjoyment!

Reflections on the PCIS 50th Anniversary

By an “Old Timer”

by Doris Soulé

We all really did have a good time, didn’t we? There was a superb planning group who kept its eyes on the goals: To celebrate what God has done in this place over the 50 year journey; to remember the milestones along the way; and to start envisioning a new path for PCIS in the changing world of Christ’s church.

The celebration included a family night supper, an afternoon reception for greeting two of our former pastors and returning former PCIS leaders, a very fancy Saturday evening party with music, and a drama that celebrated the gifts God has freely given to PCIS. Sunday worship honored God and refocused us as Christians going out into the world.

Over the years PCIS has always been a very mobile congregation - only a few of us “old timers” are around. Part of our unspoken mission has been to recognize that, and prepare disciples for their moving away into a new ministry location, all part of the great body of Christ’s church.

Four of our “away” charter members - teenagers 50 years ago - returned, including the son of our organizing pastor. There were two participants from the former FOCUS group who joined in. Nine came who “grew up” in the church, were in Sunday School and the youth group together. The count for former leaders - elders, trustees, teachers et al - was fifteen. What a blessing to all of us to hear their memories of how God was at work through the years. And how delightful it was for all these folks to be in reunion.

Two former pastors, Deke Spierling and Dick Sheffield, preached the Word at Sunday worship. As they remembered the gifts of our congregation, we tried not to pat ourselves on the back, but to give credit and praise God for his work here in those times and in this place.

Who will be returning in 2036 when there will be a 75th Anniversary? Will our children and teens have been nurtured well in their Christian journey, so that they can come back to speak of God’s hand in their lives? There’s the challenge for PCIS as we start envisioning a new path for this congregation.


Installed Pastors 
and Interim Pastors:

Organizing Pastor

The Reverend A. William Simmermon

1960 – 1961

1st Installed Pastor

The Reverend A. William Simmermon

1961 – 1969

2nd Installed Pastor

The Reverend Richard M. Spierling

1969– 1979

Interim Pastor

The Reverend Patricia Budd Kepler

1979 – 1980

3rd Installed Pastor

The Reverend Richard L. Sheffield

1980 – 1985

Interim Pastor

The Reverend John M. Wall

1985 - 1986

4th Installed Pastor

The Reverend George E. Saylor

1986 – 2000

Associate Pastor

The Reverend M. Sidney McCollum

1999 – 2006

Interim Pastor

The Reverend Timothy Hanley

2001 – 2003

5th Installed Pastor

The Reverend D. William McIvor

2003 – present

Gala - Dramatic Presentation

October 15, 2011

CAST- Don Focus: Andy Ware, Stacy Wise: Stacy Angle, MaryAnn Wise: Mary Ann Angle, Doris Focus: Jessie Robinson, Aileen Ambitious: Emilie Read , Teenager one: Anna Read, Teenager two: Drew Clark, Alan Exact: Joshua Lalrempuia, 
Dan Creative: Jim Fraser, Jock Mudie: Ron Ten Hove, Betty Mudie: Catherine Crow, Youth Member: Ashley Rivet

CREW - Prompter: Megan Hollembaek, Music: Diana and Jonathan Tetzlaff, Technical director: Don Soulé, 
Stage hands: Barry Fiske and Jim Read