Beginning September 17, 2017, there are education opportunities throughout Sunday morning allowing options for families.

Sunday school: During the school year Sunday school classes for adults, middle and high school begin at 9:30 am.  Classes for children, pre-k through 5th grade, begin around 9:45 am, following the time with children during the 9:30 am service. Some parents choose to attend worship during this time, while others choose to attend an adult education class and then attend the second service together as a family. Childcare for infants and toddlers is provided throughout the morning from 9:30am–12:00pm. There are additional programmed activities for children throughout the year during the second service. These usually require several weeks of preparation, such as the Christmas Pageant.

Great Conversation! Grow in Your Faith!

Adult Sunday Education

This Week

Our text (Matthew 25:31-46) concludes Jesus' Olivet discourse, this time not with a parable, but a description of a scene from the future: the judgment of the nations, famously dividing the sheep from the goats, an analogy that first century Jews would have found apt.

Christians have been awaiting the return of Jesus for nearly two thousand years, and all those generations have wondered, "what do we do while we wait?" The last two parables we discussed raised a lot of questions about this issue, as well a a few answers. Even as he discusses the end times, and final judgment, Jesus gives us more hints about what we should be doing now. Are we, the people of 2017, behaving like sheep or goats?

Join us in the upper meeting room of the grange at 9:30 for questions, discussions, perhaps some answers, but always lively conversations! No preparation is necessary.  Everyone is welcome!  The class will provide opportunities for attendees to delve into the sermon-based scripture each week.  If you have questions, contact Ron Ten-Hove at or 978-201-1301.