“What is New Beginnings?”

1.     New Beginnings is a program offered through our denomination, in partnership with our presbytery, to help churches get an outside perspective on how we are functioning as a church in our local community.

2.     A series of small group meetings asking questions about our strengths, what we do well, and what we would like to do better.

3.     A chance for you to impact the future of the Presbyterian Church in Sudbury!

4.     A time commitment of 5 sessions with the several scheduling options this summer and fall. (See list below.)

Choose a small group that works for you.

Space is limited in each group.

Sign-up below or at the church.

If you’d like to read more about New Beginnings, go to the official New Beginnings website here: http://whatisourfuturestory.com/

Name *
All meet for 5 consecutive weeks. Meeting times will be determined to best suit attendees.
All meet on Fridays and Saturdays.