Little Children of the Philippines Special Offering

            September 16, 23, 30

                   Maybe you can’t save the world…

 But you can change the lives of the LCP children forever.


Did you know…

  • It costs $2,300 / year to operate each LCP preschool or a total of $16,100 to run all seven?

  • Money for the preschools is distributed in the following way (partial listing)?

  • Annual salaries for the eight teachers          = $9,819 ($1,227 / person / year or $102 / month)

  • Meals / snacks for the 137 preschoolers     = $3,168 ($23 / student / year)

  • Electricity and water                                          = $   480

  • School supplies and materials                      = $     60 ($0.44 / student / year)

  • Money from this special offering is used to fund the preschool expenses? 

Robert reads to preschool children at Bagacay.jpeg

2018 Philippines Mission Trip

Reflections from Our Team

Ellie Calandra

The experiences of this trip changed my mindset completely. Before going on the trip, I had a very clear image of what I believed people in poverty would be like and how they would act towards us and other volunteers. Once I was in the communities interacting with the families, I found that the way these people live is extremely different from how I pictured it growing up. The news and social media portray it in a totally different way then what it actually is. 

Miya Laughlin

This trip showed me what true joy looks like. It was so beautiful to see the love and happiness that everyone shares even when they face so many challenges. I always knew I wanted to dedicate as much of my life as I could to traveling, but now I know what I want to do when I travel. Acts of kindness are priceless and I want to share the gifts I have been given with the rest of the world.

Midweek Soup and Study - Growing Older Gracefully. 

Join us on Wednesdays starting October 3 for a series of presentations and discussion about issues that affect us (and family members) as we grow older.  We will gather in the Fellowship Hall for soup, bread and fruit together at 6:00 p.m. with the program beginning at 6:30 p.m. You may come to any individual presentation or to the entire series. Please sign up on the sheets provided in the hallway outside the Fellowship Hall. If you have questions, contact Jean Olson at

October 3: 

1) Options for Living - What you need to know - Daily living – Peter Welsh – Downsizing and Selling Your Home

2) Independent Living, Assisted Living, and Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRCs) – Roz Fisher – differences and what to look for

      Senior resources available in the community-information sheets.

October 10: 

Taking Care of Business –Tiffany O’Connell, Esq. –Important Legal Documents - health care proxy, POA, will, Estate Planning - revocable and irrevocable trusts.

October 17: 

Medicare – Kathy Worhach – Medicare options, Supplemental programs.                                  

October 24: 

Comfort Care Options: Hospice vs. Palliative -– Rev Kristen Rineheimer -– The basics of palliative care, The basics of hospice care, How to advocate for your (or your loved one's) needs for pain management or end-of-life care (e.g., how to research your options and get a referral).

October 31: 

Halloween – No Session

November 7: 

The Spirituality of Aging – Rev Kristen Rineheimer – Pivots in identity, purpose, key relationships, and faith, Grieving big and little losses, Life review - what is it and who does it benefit? Feeding your spirit throughout the journey.

photo of Bonhoeffer.jpg

Bonhoeffer Night at the PCIS

Friday, October 5

7:00 p.m.

Wren Collé will host the presentation of a 90-minute documentary that interweaves archival footage, interviews with friends, family, and students of Bonhoeffer, and commentary by historians and theologians. Following the film, the audience will have an opportunity for open discussion. The evening will conclude with dessert and coffee/tea. We hope you will join us!

Seventy-three years after his death, Dietrich Bonhoeffer's legacy continues to draw and hold people's interest. Bonhoeffer's story-known largely through his prolific collection of writings-is one that bears significance for every generation since then. As a Christian pastor, theologian, and a member of the resistance in Nazi Germany, Bonhoeffer sought to address the question of how to live faithfully during a time of political and ecclesiastical crisis. In doing so, he underscored the need to serve the "other".

Budget Buddies Thursdays, August 23-February 7.

PCIS will be hosting a program to help women in the Sudbury community reduce financial anxiety, increase economic sufficiency, and transform their lives by teaching core money-management skills. If you or someone you know would like to be a part of the program, or if you'd be interested in serving as a mentor, contact Bethany Hadvab at (978) 444-5476 or