Opportunities to Serve in Worship  

Please consider these ways of participating in worship this year:

  • Head Usher first Service - The head usher in the first service opens the building, sets up for the service, and handles the offering (there is a more complete list of tasks for those interested, see Tom Pye)
  • Sound board operator - This is actually not as complex as it looks. Once it is set up, you mainly just turn microphones on and off...at the right times. See Jim Read or Tom Pye.
  • Praise Band Drummer - See Matthew Guerrieri.
  • Praise Band Singer - See Matthew Guerrieri.
  • Choir Singers (especially Bass and Tenor) - See Matthew Guerrieri.

Looking For A Few Good Hosts or Hostesses!


You too can share in providing snacks and drinks for coffee hour fellowship. Newcomers are always welcome as well as those of you who often provide treats. We all appreciate your efforts. Get together with friends and share the experience. Snacks can be very simple and store-bought, or if you enjoy baking, those delicious items are wonderful too. Volunteers can sign up online (available dates are listed) or on sheets posted in Fellowship Hall. Volunteers help set up, provide snacks and start up the coffee for everyone to enjoy on Sundays between worship services (10:30-11:00am). *During the summer, coffee hour follows the 10:00am service.

Sign up at the church!

Interesting Opportunity - Ushers Needed!

Ever wish you could get up and walk around during the worship service? Like to collect money (even if you can’t keep it)? Know the difference between feedback and a stuck organ key? Well have we got an opportunity for you. After many years of service, Dan Coffin has decided to give up being head usher for the first service. The duties involve opening up the building and getting ready for the service through cleaning up after the first service.  If you think you might be interested, see Tom Pye for the full job description.

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Lend a Hand

Love babies and toddlers? Willing to lend a hand? We are currently developing a list of possible volunteers to help support the nursery staff when an extra set of hands is needed on a Sunday morning. If you are interested, please let the office know (pcsudbury@pcsudbury.org or 978-443-9151 x10.) or sign up using the form.