Worshiping God

Join us as we worship God and strive to become Christ’s witnesses and servants in the world.

Our worship program includes:

❖ Contemporary Worship – an informal hour with an upbeat tempo, talented song leaders and varied instrumentalists

❖ Classic Worship – a more traditional hour with an amazing choir

❖ Thought-provoking sermons that are relevant to our daily lives

❖ Child-friendly options for young families


Growing in Faith

Work with us to deepen your faith by understanding God’s word, exploring the world that surrounds us, and recognizing God’s plan for each of us.

Our education offerings include:

❖ Sunday school program for ages pre-kindergarten through high school

❖ A wide variety of adult education options that include scripture, current Christian writings, historical literature, contemporary issues and more

❖ Onsite and offsite small groups to meet a wide variety of interests and schedules

❖ Senior high and middle school youth


Serving Others

Help us as we reach out, through our service and our finances, to help those in need. 

We encourage active participation in Christian outreach and service with dozens of opportunities for hands-on involvement as well as giving:

❖ Serving neighbors in need

❖ Supporting New England families in urban (Boston) and rural (Maine/New Hampshire) areas

❖ Reaching out through worldwide missions including personal involvement in projects in the Philippines, Kenya, and more


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