Christmas in July! Little Children of the Philippines Gift Collection

Christmas in July! Little Children of the Philippines Gift Collection
Friday, July 09, 2021 - Wednesday, July 28, 2021
Even though we are in the middle of summer, the pandemic is only viewable in our rearview mirrors (hopefully), and we want to be out and about our town and our country, let's pause for a moment and turn our minds and hearts toward Christmas in the Philippines. It won't be long before excitement will fill the air as the 6,000 children, youth, and adults in the LCP program anticipate receiving just one gift...however small that might be.
The flyer in the link below contains information on the specific items being suggested this year, as well as the inventory sheet. A table has been set-up in the lobby at PCIS with the usual x-large and jumbo Ziploc bags for gifts, if you'd like to use those. Or, for general donations, you can use paper bags or trash bags. Completing the inventory sheet for all gifts is hugely helpful when we are packing the boxes. In order to ensure that our gifts reach the Philippines in time for the holidays, the deadline for dropping them off either in the lobby coat closet at church, or at Sally's home is Wednesday, July 28. Sponsors can also leave presents to send to their sponsored children. If you send gifts to your sponsored child, we ask that you consider donating $25 or more towards the shipping costs since each box costs us $75 to send.  Thank you, in advance, for your generous donations! They are so appreciated by our friends at Little Children of the Philippines!

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