Upcoming Sermons

“Friends of Jesus: Stepping Up”

Date: May 9, 2021

Passage: John 15:9-17, 1 John 5:1-6

The One who loves us unconditionally has placed some conditions on his friendship. Jesus says, “I have called you friends because you do what I command.” Why is obedience so important to Jesus? Is Jesus asking us to do something that he himself was unwilling to do? Friendship with God is very different that friendship with any human being.

“Barsabbus: Stepping Up”

Date: May 16, 2021

Passage: Acts 1:15-17, Acts 1:21-26, Psalms 1:1-6

What most people fail to realize is when you get promoted in the church, your level of service increases, widens and deepens. Being chosen to become one of the 12 apostles of Jesus is an honor, but it is also comes with a great deal of responsibility and requires commitment. Have you considered stepping up to be a leader in the church?

“Peter: Stepping Up”

Date: May 23, 2021

Passage: Acts 2:1-21

It’s takes courage in today’s world to preach a gospel message birthed over 2000 years ago. Peter, the rock on which Jesus will built his church, has stepped up to preach his first sermon. He is teaching on the powerful work of the Holy Spirit. He is setting the record straight to the hearers and proclaiming salvation through Jesus Christ. Have you stepped up to share your faith lately?

“Isaiah: Stepping Up”

Date: May 30, 2021

Passage: Isaiah 6:1-8, Psalms 29:1-11

God has a mission and is looking for those who will go where they are needed. God’s aim since the beginning is to invite humanity into partnership. We don’t have to worry about the “what” and the “how.” We are to be ready to step up when God calls. Are you ready to go?

“Spiritual Friendships”

Date: June 6, 2021

Passage: Mark 3:20-35, Psalms 138:1-8

Do you have a person in your life that gets you inside and out? Many of us have best friends or life-long friends. But, do they really know us on a deeper level? As spiritual beings created in the image of God, we were designed for spiritual relationships. Because we share God’s spirit, we are spiritually connected. Do you have a spiritual friend—one who is connected to their faith and internal compass?

“For Your Ears Only”

Date: June 13, 2021

Passage: Mark 4:26-34

When Jesus speaks, at times, it can be very confusing. I often wondered why Jesus spoke in parables. Wouldn’t make sense to give instructions to the lost in simpler terms? But, we’re all different and we interpret and learn differently. There are also times when the Lord has something for your ears only.

“Get Your Rest!”

Date: June 20, 2021

Passage: Mark 4:35-41, Psalms 9:9-20

What keeps you up at night? Experts recommend 7 to 9 hours of sleep per night. In Genesis 2, God rested on the seventh day and said it was holy. In Mark’s gospel the disciples are unable to sleep because they are worried about the storm. What storms are keeping you awake at night?

“Ask for Help!”

Date: June 27, 2021

Passage: Mark 5:21-43

Do you have a list of people that you consistently pray for? Do you pray for yourself? What would change if you began to intercede on behalf of yourself and others? In this text, one person prayers for a family member and another seeks Jesus for herself. Do you struggle to ask God for help

“Leaving the Building”

Date: July 4, 2021

Passage: Mark 6:1-13, Psalms

After teaching in the temple on the Sabbath, Jesus also spent many of his days teaching in the towns and villages. He took his message to the streets. As followers of Jesus, shouldn’t we be doing the same? How will those who never make it into the building receive the good news?

“Caring for the Earth”

Date: July 11, 2021

Passage: Psalms

We are so blessed to live on a planet that provides for all our human needs. The earth is filled with beauty, nature and unexplained wonders. Have we taken all those benefits for granted? How can we express our gratitude for the majesty of God’s amazing creation?


Date: July 18, 2021

Passage: Ephesians 2:11-22

Hopefully, at some point in our lives we come to the recognition that hate is taught. We have been taught to be guarded, and at times hostile, around those we perceive a threat even if the threat is unfounded. Where did we learn these beliefs? What have we unknowingly passed on to our children and grandchildren about other human beings?

“Feeding the Hungry”

Date: July 25, 2021

Steve Bingaman bears witness to the work being done with the Outdoor Church in Cambridge. "Founded in 2003, the Outdoor Church is an ecumenical Christian church for homeless and street-involved men and women in Cambridge, MA. Each week, through worship services held outdoors and extensive programs of street outreach and pastoral visiting, we share a message of hope and unconditional love with those who need to hear it most.  Staffed by clergy from different denominations and supported by over 40 local churches and organizations, the Outdoor Church has become a Cambridge institution. The hallmark of our ministry is consistency: our worship services and street outreach take place year round, in all seasons and all weather."