Who we are: We celebrate God’s love for all and welcome everyone to embrace God’s challenge to be faithful followers of Jesus Christ.

Where we are going: Led by the Spirit, we are building a joyful, vibrant church through:

  • Worship that connects God’s Word to our lives
  • Outreach that embraces the wider community
  • Service that helps those in need locally and globally
  • Education that expands our faith.

Our Sunday service at 10:30 AM offers both contemporary and traditional music. Worship is a vital component of our church and our congregation appreciates sermons that connect God’s Word to our daily lives. We also provide a monthly service for the residents of the Wingate Nursing Home in Sudbury.

Our mission program is strong, with both hands-on local ministries and more distant national and worldwide efforts. Our missions are driven by lay leadership, often led by a dedicated member. 

We value education and provide adult learning opportunities and study groups to better integrate visitors and members into our church life. We have a growing number of small groups – both long-standing and recently-formed. Our high-school program is vibrant and attracts kids from beyond our church. Our elementary program is small, but with dedicated and enthusiastic teachers.

We host periodic public events to welcome people from the community, and provide space to local organizations.